What are grey gifts?

There are many puzzles in the Game of Mates. One of these is how trading gifts amongst a network of powerful people can be so bloody costly!

Groups of friends trade gifts amongst themselves all the time. Yet no one in their right mind would claim that our birthday traditions suck the wealth of the nation.

The reason the Game of Mates costs us so much is that the Mates don’t own the gifts they are giving! They control the valves on the economic pipes of the nation, and through those pipes pumps the wealth of all of us! But when the Mates are in a position of power to use their discretion to turn the valves one way or the other, they make millionaires out of some, and paupers of others. Their gifts don’t cost them. But they cost the rest of us..


For more, watch the “Grey gifts” video pods below, or buy the book.

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