Introducing the Game Of Mates


Australia was once the land of the fair go. It genuinely was. Especially compared to now, when it has become a Game of Mates.

This website, book, and the video pods, explain how Australia has descended into a country where “grey corruption” has become the norm. Groups of “Mates” who control industries across the country have been slowly turning the valves on the regulatory pipes in their favour, and now steal from the rest of us around half our potential wealth!

8 responses to “Introducing the Game Of Mates”

  1. Surely I am not the only one sees the hypocrisy here.

    The book, which you now (hopefully) will make a profit from, was written following the outcome of your research funded by the government (taxpayers).

    So I, through my tax dollars, have paid for you to research on this topic which you are now you are set to profit from.

    While I have not read your book, I certainly understand the gist of the message and it would seem to me that this is just another version of the same game.


    1. It seems unlikely that I will profit much at all from this. Let’s be real. If I was in it for the money I wouldn’t write a book (who makes money from writing books for an Australian audience!). I would use what I had learnt to join the Game myself.

      In any case, there are some similarities, though your reasoning is a pretty long bow – if I go to public school then make a profit using the skills I’ve learnt, well… in your view it’s the same. In mine, not quite. Because in each Chapter I generate a clear counterfactual. As I said above, all counterfactuals from my publicly-funded research involve me increasing my earning capacity, with most options being far more beneficial than writing this book!

      If you watch the Grey Gifts video though, you will see that what I talk about concerns decision-making power over the resources of others.

      Maybe read the book and see what you think?


  2. It might be a long bow I guess but no doubt the powers to be at your university lobby the government regarding research grants in much the same way that a property developer does re zoning. It all keeps everybody in the business of being academics.

    Anyway, I do look forward to reading your book. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to rain too hard on your parade, it was just something that immediately came to the forefront of my mind when the video finished and the message about the grant was there.


  3. I just saw your video on and bought the book. I’ve had a feeling that there’s more to the backroom, shady dealings in Oz. Can’t wait to get some insight.


  4. I am sympathetic to concerns raised by Anon. Most non-fiction books are thick business cards so there is a benefit even if not an immediate one. If your publicist is any good, then you’ll be on morning TV shows and countless radio stations. So there is value even if not from the book. Is that a grey gift?

    This is message is too important and care should have been taken ensure it is beyond reproach. Allegations of hypocrisy are sure to divert attention from its central message.

    Crowdfunding may have been a better source of funding.


    1. Ha! My publicist! This book is self-published, as most publishing houses were too concerned about us naming names, and less interested in the material than filling a gap in their portfolio. So I have $5k of my own cash spent so far getting the message out there. If I’m lucky I will sell 1,000 books and break even.

      If you are keen to fund me, you can deposit money in my PayPal anytime 😉

      In terms of using research funds (used for the filming only), would you rather that we didn’t use them to get the message out there, and only a few dozen technical academic experts learnt of our results? I also think it’s too important not to be communicated.

      In fact, the grant, like most these days, required some kind of investment in public communication of the research outcomes.


      1. Easy mate. You seem to be getting angry at concerns expressed.

        Publicist is just a fancy word for someone who spreads the the word… in this case you.

        Great. Having been involved in numerous product launches incl. one Amazon best seller, a book launch is more about process than anything else.

        Simply google… “launch a best seller .pdf” and you’ll find enough resources on how to plan and execute a launch.

        Also you’re way underestimating how much your message is already resonating.
        => Backlinks to your site. Contact these people and put them on an ambassador mailing list.

        Please add an opt-in form on your site and give away a few preview summaries or a list of Australia’s biggest free loaders.

        Use this top 10 list and get your mailing list to propagate the message through their channels.

        Australia’s 10 Biggest Thieves
        Australia’s 7 Sneakest Corporate Tactics That Robs Battlers!
        How Libs Stole #X From the Little Guy

        Add preview chapters or add monographs to
        => post on twitter, FB,

        Approach websites/bloggers for a guest column. If they have a podcast, then get on podcast.

        Go global if you have too.

        You have the research… repurpose it. Make it bite size. And give it a guy-wrenching title.

        Keep hitting your mailing list to spread and share.

        You’ll need about 3-5 pieces of good content.

        On launch day, ask your mailing list to buy. Add in a few goodies like a bonus interview etc.

        If there is not time then you could have developed a tool that given someone wages and family situation, it gives a breakdown of wastage. This stuff hurts… and makes it amazingly viral.

        Good luck. Hope this proves more valuable than my $100.

        P.S. Don’t hesitate to do another launch. No said you can’t relaunch. 🙂


  5. Sorry about the typos and grammatical errors. Fat fingers and auto-correct! 🙂


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