Game of Mates in the media

A quick update today. Game of Mates has cracked the mainstream media this past couple of weeks. If you are interested in reading more about the book, check out these articles.

6 May 2017
Game of Mates costs us all dearly
Sunshine Coast Daily – Bill Hoffman

29 April 2017
Opinion: Plan to end developer’s involvement in council elections
Courier Mail – Paul Syvret

28 April 2017
Want to stop land corruption? Take away the honeypot
Sydney Morning Herald – Michael Pascoe

There is now also a detailed review of the book at MacroBusiness, which can give you a good flavour of the book.

One thing that hasn’t really been touched on yet is the myth-making that we identify as a key ingredient in the Game of Mates (see above image). I will write more about this in future posts.

One response to “Game of Mates in the media”

  1. we’ve seen extraordinary example of the mates network played out thanks mcdonald/maitland and the byproduct of the alp and its terrigals faction. blow by blow coverage in icac, the courts and the media.


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